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When your academic document is ready for proofreading, if possible, please rename your document as follows: First-name_Last-name_today’s-date. For instance, if your first name is Andre, your last name is Carpenter and today’s date is 2 July 2020, the name of your file will be Andre_Carpenter_02072020.

Please provide us with the following details:

Academic field of your paper:
Your deadline:
Style guide:

The format should be either British or American English. The style guide could be Harvard referencing, Chicago referencing, APA style, a weblink to university instructions for a paper and so on. If no style guide is supplied, we will correct the references to follow the style that is prevalent in the paper to ensure continuity.


Send a Paper

Please send us your paper, stating the academic field, deadline and format or reference style guide.


Receive a Quotation

Within 2 hours, we will send you a quotation stating the exact price for proofreading your paper.



After we have received payment, we will send your paper to a proofreader for correction.



Relax. Before the deadline, we will send you the proofread version of your paper.

When we have finished proofreading your academic document, we will return two files to you: a tracked version and a clean version of your proofread paper. The tracked version is named yourfilename_tracked_version, and the clean version is named yourfilename_clean_version. Click on the files below to see the difference: Andre_Carpenter_02072023_tracked_version and Andre_Carpenter_02072023_clean_version.


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