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The members of the paper proofreading team have earned their own degrees in a wide variety of disciplines and subject areas. They are well aware of what is involved in the writing and revising process that leads to a successful publication or degree.

Send your paper to along with any guidelines that you are following, and one of our professional paper proofreaders will be happy to help you to succeed by checking and correcting your language, formatting, references and other elements of your academic writing.

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All of our staff offer excellent customer service and prompt replies to paper proofreading inquiries. We are the largest paper proofreading service worldwide, covering all academic areas, including engineering, medicine, physical and biological sciences, social sciences, economics, law, management and the humanities.

The people behind our success are the most skilled and capable paper proofreaders. All our proofreaders are native English speakers and are educated at least to master’s level (some hold a PhD), with extensive university teaching and publication experience.

Our very competitive prices are set at a fixed rate per thousand words (see Prices), and the price remains the same irrespective of the complexity of your paper or the amount of corrections required, so you know exactly how much the proofreading of your paper will cost in advance.

online proofreading service



"I am very impressed by the professional English proofreading work done by the proofreader of my paper. Great job and it was done well before the deadline I had given them. Very high academic standard! Truly professional work done!"

Professor Eduardo Cuadros

"I really recommend the PRS journal proofreading services. The proofreaders are all highly educated professionals, they helped me to correct all the grammar errors and they gave me helpful advice to make my publication more streamlined."

Professor Grace Elliot

"This is an amazing scientific proofreading service. I desperately needed help to edit my bioscience paper in the English language. My proofreader was kind, prompt and incredibly helpful, as I had a deadline for re-submission of my scientific paper."

Dr Jenny Huang

"My PRS thesis proofreader did an excellent job correcting my dissertation. He gave me many suggestions that helped strengthen my writing and gave me more confidence submitting my thesis. I am more than pleased with the results and would use them again!"

Aurelia Muller


online proofreading

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